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To be successful, your Academy competes in real-life tournaments. Line up to 4 players at the start of every tournament

Seattle Open, USA

August, 2022

NY Open, USA

September, 2022

Get a score based on your
players real-life statistics

We track 63 stats: serves, volleys, unforced errors, rallies, and many more ...

Get rewards based on your ranking

The more you play the better the rewards. Get to the point where you become invincible and get the most prestigious cards.

Each card unlocks special powers over time

We issue a limited amount of cards for each player.
Rare cards grant your Academy more points, and give you access to bigger competitions.

Mind of Steel

Mental strength stats
get a 10% bonus

Lion spirit

Aggressiveness stats
get a 20% bonus

Weed smoker

Lawn stats
get a 30% bonus

Eagle Eye

Precision stats
get a 20% bonus

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We reinvent the tennis experience with unique Live gaming. Play your Skills and Bonus cards during the games to boost your Academy points.

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